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Kitchen Assembly Instructions

This page allows you to view the assembly instructions for your new kitchen and print them for your own use.



Page 1.

Base assembly 1

Page 2.

Base Unit Assembly 2

Page 3.

Base Unit Assembly 3

Page 4.

Leg Assembly

Page 5.


Joining and Levelling


Page 6.

Door Hinge Assembly


Page 7.


Shelf and Plinth Assembly


Page 8.


Center Post Assembly


Page 9.

Door Handle Fitting


Page 10.


Drawer Unit Assembly


Page 11.

Drawer Box Assembly

Page 12.

Runner Adjustment

Page 13.


Drawer Front Marking


Page 14.


Drawer Box Assembly 2


Page 15.

Draw Front Adjustment

Page 16.

Wall Unit Assembly 1

Page 17.

Wall Unit Assembly 2

Page 18.

Open End Unit Assembly


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